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Time for the Greeks to Rise Up in the air

30 April 2014 at 17:40 CEST

Going up, up, up

Geremyan is actually from Armenia, however he was a member of the Greek national team in 1996, and has five gold medals as a Balkan champion, and was eighth in 1998 in the European championship. just as singers have to warm up, he too was warming up on the trampoline whilst the artists were taking their positions on the stage. He performs some high leaps and rotations on the trampoline.

Although Freaky Fortune and RiskyKidd start the song centre stage in front of the trampoline, Nikolas Raptakis (from Freaky Fortune) and RiskyKidd both move out to the two diametric extensions of the stage,

Towards the end of the song, Nikolas and Riskykidd both join Arthour Geremyan on the trampoline to Rise Up, though their moves are not quite so complicated, but nevertheless quite energetic whilst still singing. In total they rehearsed the song three times this afternoon, which given their exhausting routine was probably more than enough!

RiskyKidd explained that they have been working on their stage presentation for around two months. They wanted something to convery the image of Rise Up and came up with the trampoline idea. However they first had to learn how to use the rampoline itself, before progressing onto some moves.

Everything is very much black and white with the bright white lighting and a dark background. At the start of the song the cube appears to be being built from scratch as the lights extend out along the lines of the cube until the whole cube is totally lit up, then plunged into darkness again.

The background graphics emphasise further the cube set design, with cubes expanding, contracting, flying around and pulsating to the rhythm of the song.

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Happy Birthday

Nikolas Raptakis, one half of the duo that makes up Freaky Fortune, celebrates his birthday today, and of course no birthday is complete without a birthday cake, so the Greek delegation had a little celebration in the dressing room, with some small cakes each with a single candle on them, and of course being singers they sang the obligatory Happy Birthday song to him.

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