Tijana's song presentation tonight in Skopje!

As we already announced before, Tijana, the representative from F.Y.R. Mecedonia was considering her song for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. First, the working title was Pobeda, but the singer changed it now to Tamu Kaj Sto Pripagam. The English version is called To The Sky.

In tonight's show The Hit Of The Month, Tijana will present both versions of it, in English and Macedonian. The show will be hosted by the young and beautiful Aleksandra Jovanovska and Marko Mark.

The music was written by Darko Dimitrov and Lazar Cvetkoski. The Macedonian lyrics was written by Elena Risteska. Elena and Darko, in cooperation with Laura Rosca from Romania, have also created the English version.

This content is unfortunately no longer available

This content is unfortunately no longer available

Follow our news to find out more about Tijana’s song presentation just after the show!

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