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Tijana from Serbia: "You can save yourself!"

02 May 2017 at 12:21 CEST
Serbia rehearsals Andres Putting
Tijana Bogićević will represent Serbia at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest with her song In Too Deep, telling the audience a story of a woman in love.

Tijana had a bit of a rough start as she travelled to Kyiv. She missed her connecting flight, yet arrived well in time for her first rehearsal. Despite the logistical challenges, she appeared invigorated and excited about her upcoming rehearsal. 

Talking to backstage before the rehearsal, she revealed to particularly look forward to meet her fellow contestants.

"A unique experience"

Tijana got a lot of support from former Serbian Eurovision Song Contest participants, in particular from Sanja Vučić, Nina and Jelena Tomašević. Not that she is completely unknown to the Eurovision world — Serbia’s 2017 participant already has a Eurovision track record, as she attended in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf as backing vocalist. Nevertheless, Tijana said she is sure that this year will be "a unique experience".

Tijana disclosed to us the details about her performance and a message hidden in her choreography: "The song is basically a love song about a woman who is deeply in love and losing her mind. We decided to put in a little twist at the end of the performance —  you really don't have to fall deep, you can save yourself." She believes no relationship is easy and that you only learn to control your emotions and become wiser by the years.

"There is no limit to perfection"

For the full nine years of her career, Tijana has been working closely with musician Vlado Georgiev. She believes that being surrounded by successful and mature people, combined with a strong craving for continuous development, have paved the way for her successful career.

Speaking with her before she went on stage, it became obvious that Tijana puts the bar high for herself. "There are no limits to perfecting your craft," she said.

New album coming up 

The 2017 Eurovision Song Contest couldn't come at a better time for Tijana to announce a new album, which is expected to come out in the autumn of this year. Her new songs are recorded in Serbian and written by Dušan Alagić, who also happens to be her best friend. 

Last night, a Serbian language version of her Eurovision song Into The Deep was launched,  completely rearranged into a more subacoustic live instrument version. "It’s a completely new take on the song," Tijana explained. We certainly hope it will appear on her new album!

Tijana's next rehearsal is scheduled for Friday, 5th of May. Serbia will perform in the second Semi-Final on Thursday, 11th of May.