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Tijana Dapčević will sing for F.Y.R. Macedonia in Denmark

28 August 2013 at 23:39 CEST

Tijana Dapčević is famous throughout the Balkans. She is an energetic and talented pop singer. Her fans call her simply Tijana. The song that Tijana will perform on stage in Denmark hasn’t been selected yet.

MKRTV is sure that Tijana is a worthy representative in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

She is more than a pop-singer: Tijana is "a complete musical package", authentic, skilled and  musically gifted performer.

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Tijana is no strager in the Eurovision Song Contest. Her first try to take part in Europe’s biggest TV show was in 1996 for the F.Y.R. Macedonia with the song Ti Prostuvam (I Forgive You). In 2002 she participated in the national selection Skopje Festival with the song Izgrev that means Sunrise.

In 2006, Tijana tried her luck for the third time and participated in Evropesma where she sang for the former country of Serbia and Montenegro and came eighth with her song Greh that means Sin. Unfortunately she didn’t reach the final. So, 2014 is a happy year for Tijana and she is finally going to sing on the big Eurovision stage in Denmark!