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Tie for tenth place in Second Semi-Final!

25 May 2012 at 18:42 CEST

With two songs tying for tenth place in the Second Semi-Final, under the current rules of the contest the song that received votes from the most number of countries is deemed to take the higher position. If that also turned out to be an identical number, then a countback system of the number of 12 points, the 10 points etc would come into consideration.

Six out of ten songs agreed by juries and televoters

The results of the Second Semi-Final also showed a greater difference between the juries and the televoters than with the First Semi-Final on Tuesday.

Last night saw the jures and televoters agree on six of the ten songs that qualified for the Final. Of the other four songs, two were put through to the Final thanks to the juries, and two were saved thanks to the votes from the televoters.

Since Semi-Finals were introduced in 2004, there has always been a clear cut top ten every year. However last year saw the closest results so far, when in both Semi-Finals the tenth and eleventh places were separated by a single point. Last night saw a first for the record books with the tie-break rule being used for the first time.

The full voting results of the Semi-Finals will be revealed shortly after the Final on