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Ticket to Tel Aviv: Meet Miki from Spain

01 May 2019 at 09:00 CEST
Miki José Irún
With the song ‘La Venda', Miki will represent Spain this year. Miki is set to perform in the Grand-Final on Saturday 18 May in Tel Aviv, Israel. This is 'Ticket to Tel Aviv', our feature counting down to the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

Miki had been performing live on stage for many years when he joined the academy of Operación Triunfo, Spain's talent show which served as the platform to choose their Eurovision entry again this year. On 20 January, Miki was selected by the audience as Spain's representative at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

Who is Miki?

Born in 1996 in Terrassa, Spain, Miki Núñez has learned a lot through practice, although he does not think of himself as a self-taught musician. Miki started studying music as a child because of his parents' dedication to providing him with instruments, even though his home was not particularly musical.

Miki has been frontman of the cover band Dalton Bang, formed by his high school best friends, and one which is profoundly influenced by the booming mestizo Catalan scene, but also taking inspiration from soul, ska, reggae and Latin pop. The band spent almost a decade on the road delivering high energy performances that made the audience feel like they were attending a fiesta.

Last September Miki was one of the candidates chosen to join the 10th series of Operación Triunfo, the Spanish reality television music competition consisting of training 16 contestants in a boarding academy in order to find new singing talent. 

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Miki's song

Miki will perform the song La Venda (The Blindfold), an infectious and festive number that stands out for its hybrid musical character. Miki carries an uplifting song like La Venda, with a critical and yet integrating twist, as a proposal for self-knowledge to value one's own gifts. The song was written and composed by Adrià Salas, from the Spanish popular band La Pegatina.

LISTEN: Stream or download La Venda via your favourite music service

Spain at Eurovision 2018

Last year, Spain finished 23rd in the Grand Final. Amaia y Alfred received 61 points for their song Tu Canción.

Just like Miki, Alfred and Amaia were also chosen for Eurovision through the successful talent format Operación Triunfo.

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