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Ticket to Tel Aviv: Meet PÆNDA from Austria

14 April 2019 at 17:00 CEST
PÆNDA Patrick Muennich
With the song ‘Limits', PÆNDA will represent Austria this year. PÆNDA will perform 9th in the second Semi-Final on Thursday 16 May in Tel Aviv, Israel. This is 'Ticket to Tel Aviv', our feature counting down to the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

Austrian broadcaster ORF chooses its representative internally. ORF program director Mag. Kathrin Zechner said: "PÆNDA is an outstandingly versatile artist and woman, who not only composed and wrote, but also produced the songs she sings. These are her own emotions, experiences and her soul that she expresses and with that, she will cast a spell over the audience."

Who is PÆNDA?

At the age of 14, PÆNDA wrote her first songs, while also learning how to play the guitar and piano in order to implement them musically. When it became clear that music was not just a passionate hobby for her, she moved to Vienna to study jazz. Several music projects followed, until she launched her project PÆNDA in 2015.

PÆNDA's style is a mix of electronic, hip-hop, pop and techno, avoiding pretentiousness or cliché. The native of Styria in South Austria started her project in 2016 and has since been experimenting meticulously with her unique sounds. PÆNDA is building bridges by connecting the worlds of underground and mainstream music. Her singles Waves and Good Girl are good examples for her inclination towards blending a subtle form of avant-garde with the fleet-footedness of pop. PÆNDA also has someone special to help her find her sounds, she says: "My sister is a good indicator: If she doesn't sing or hum the hook line right after I played her a new song, I know that the melody isn't powerful enough."

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PÆNDA’s song

Limits tells the story of how PÆNDA pushed beyond all limits in her zeal and passion for music – to the point of full exhaustion. She explains: "Being aware of the moments where I needed a break was a process for me. It was a long and at times difficult road to learning my own limits." The song expresses the musician's vulnerability and at the same time conveys the message that it is important to believe in oneself in order to find one's own way. The highest premise: no limits.

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Austria at Eurovision 2018

PÆNDA succeeds the succesful participation of Cesár Sampson, he ranked 3rd in the Grand Final of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest by scoring 342 points for his song Nobody But You.

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