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Thunder and Lightning hits Oslo for second day running

16 May 2010 at 18:14 CEST

For the first time since 2005, the entry from Bosnia & Herzegovina will be performed in English. Smoke covers the stage at the opening of the song. Vukašin begins his performance wearing an electric guitar around his shoulder, with which he plays a solo bridge and then subsequently drops to the floor midway through the song. He is joined by five backing singers, three female and two male. The performance has a rock feel to it with a lot of strobe lighting and was excecuted well and positively received by the assembled press, fans and other media present.


Vukašin Brajić, who placed second in the pan-balkan pop music TV-contest Operation Triumph, was nicknamed the assassin because he managed to eliminate all those nominated with him, although they were considered favourites of the audience. At the end of the show, the jury proclaimed him the participant with the highest average mark .Even though he has been on the music scene for a little over a year, he has had many performances and concerts that qualified him to be the representative of Bosnia & Herzegovina in the Eurovision Song Contest. He believes his greatest advantage is his capacity for transformation on stage. He likes rock music because he can draw energy from it for his performances and it is the only style that reflects his temperament. Dino Šaran, who wrote his song, is one of the most respected composers in Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia. He has written songs for famous music stars such as Vanna, Crvena Jabuka, Luka Nižetić, but also for the folk music star Halid Bešlić.

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In the days final press conference, Vukašin firstly announced how impressed he was with the feel and sound on stage during the rehearsal. The band then gave an impromptu rendition of Thunder And Lightning with just a guitar for backing. Vukašin  was also asked about his musical influences and added "I am listening to mostly rock and roll music, as I'm emotionally explosive it fits my personality."

With Vukašin being a qualified teacher, a journalist asked him if there is anything he learned in his teacher training skills that he has been able to apply to help with his musical career.  He answered "It has helped with my career as I used my theatrical skills to keep childrens attention when I was a teacher, it is similar now on stage with trying to hold the attention of the audience."

Vukašin says his greatest advantage is his capacity for transformation, he says he has many faces he can use to express himself, and that he can easily switch from angel to devil on stage, and is at ease singing slow emotional songs as well as powerful songs. Irrespective of the results in Oslo, a new single and album will follow for Vukašin in his homeland. He will also be travelling to participate in a singing competition in Belarus in the summer.

The press conference was rounded off by the team singing their own version of the Tina Turner classic Proud Mary.

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