Three turn up the heat in Azerbaijan


The show, promised to be 'as great as the Eurovision Song Contest' by their Head of Delegation, Adil Karimli, was held in the Buta Palace of Baku. It was a perfect setting for the grandiose show - huge and filled with a big audience.

The national selection started with the performance of their 2009 Eurovision Song Contest entry - Always - and followed by a new song by Aysel. She was the one who represented the country in Moscow, together with Arash. Then it was up for the winner of the 2004 edition of Europe's favourite TV-show to take the stage. Yes, it was Ruslana with all of her top hits, from Dance With The Wolves to her victorious Wild Dances.

Now came the time for the six stars, who want to represent Azerbaijan in Oslo, to show their magic. The following entries made it to the semi-final:

  • Azad Shabanov - Smile
  • Milk & Kisses - I Am On Fire
  • Maryam Shabanova - I've Had Enough
  • Safura Alizadeh - Soz Ver
  • Elli Mishiyeva - Up, Up
  • Ulviyya Rahimova - In Love

After they all had performed, it was time for the winner of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, Alexander Rybak, to show the Azerbaijani audience why he's the ruling king of the contest. And that he did!

But then, the moment of truth - who would qualify for the next stage? The jury announced their votes and it was Milk & Kisses , Safura Alizadeh and Maryam Shabanova to do so. Congratulations!

It's not yet known when the next stage of the national selection will be held and will any of them change their songs (as permitted), but will keep you informed. Stay tuned!

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