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Three more wildcards for Polish Eurovision final

21 January 2011 at 18:45 CET

TVP had earlier hinted at that wildcards might be added to the Polish mix. After this week there are six of them.

The three wildcards added to the mix today are Formula RC with the song Ja, Ty I Ty I Ja, ZoSia with Scream Out Louder and the girl band Alizma with Bow To The Bow. ZoSia participated in the Polish national selections last year as well, ending in 9th place out of the 10 chosen entrants.

Earlier this week, three other wildcard participants were announced for the broadcast in Poland, taking place on the 14th of February. The newcomers for the national final Krajowe Eliminacje 2011 were Ajda Fijal with the song Hot Like Fire, IKA with Say and The Trash with Things Go Belter With Rock.

Also, from the previously known line-up, the group The Positive with the song Control were disqualified this week. The song was available to the public before the 1st of September, which is a violation of the contest's rules.

The latest developments result in the following line-up for the Polish final:

• Magdalena Tul – Jestem
• Anna Gogola – Ktos Taki Jak Ty
• Roan – Maybe
• SheMoans – Supergirl
• Ajda Fijal – Hot Like Fire
• IKA – Say
• The Trash – Things Go Belter With Rock
• Alizma – Bow To The Bow
• Formula RC – Ja, Ty I Ty I Ja
• ZoSia – Scream Out Louder

Poland has been participating in the Eurovision Song Contest since 1994 with the best result already in the debut year, when Edyta Gorniak scored a second place for her homeland.