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Three more songs to Lithuanian final

Posted 27 Febuary 2010 at 22:41

There were 12 competing songs in the third semi final. Again, as in previous weeks in Lithuania there was a late change to the line up of competing songs. Vanilla Sound were originally due to take part in this third semi final but withdrew. Merūnas was due to compete last week in the second semi final but was not able to perform, and got another chance in the third semi final.
Tonights line up was as follows (Qualifiers in Bold) :-
  • Ramūnas Difartas - Blues Of Life
  • Soliaris - So High
  • The Cavaliers - We Are About To Love
  • Eden - Nirvana
  • Eva - Nes Tu Pamiršai
  • Merūnas - Rosa
  • Širdelės - Aš Ir Tu
  • Gaudentas Janušas - Man Nieko Nereikia
  • 4Fun - Don't You Know
  • InCulto - East Europe Funk
  • Evelina Sašenko - For This I'll Pray
  • Jūratė Miliauskaitė - Let It Rain
As with the last two semi finals, the voting to decide the qualifiers was a mixture of jury and televoting. InCulto won the overall vote tonight with 18 points, followed by Evelina Sašenko with 16 points and Merūnas with 15 points.
The Lithuanian final will take place on March 4th where it will be decided which song proceeds to Oslo, and the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. Lithuania will take part in the first half of the Second Semi Final of Europe's Favourite TV show on Thursday May 27th.
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