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Three more songs reach the Lithuanian final

11 February 2012 at 23:30 CET

As it happened last week, in Lithuania the performances had already been judged by the jury. This is the line-up of the show with the points awarded by the jury:

  1. Jurijus Veklenko - Tu Ne Viena 34 points
  2. Sati - Light Is The One 32 points
  3. Katažina - Euforija 34 points
  4. Diana Jasilionytė - Dear Someone 36 points
  5. Vytautas Matuzas - Take It Back 40 points
  6. Martynas Beinaris - Bella Donna 26 points
  7. Laura J and Stiga - Fading In The Mist 23 points
  8. Sweetsalt - My Love 30 points
  9. Alive Way - Amazed By You 41 points

Tonight when the show was aired on LRT, the televote had similar results, and combined with the jury, it produced the following three finalists (in bold):

  • Vytautas Matuzas 22 points
  • Alive Way 20 points
  • Katažina 17 points
  • Diana Jasilionyte 15 points
  • Jurijus Veklenka 12 points
  • Sati 10 points
  • Martynas Beinaris 10 points
  • Sweetsalt 8 points
  • Laura J & Stiga 5 points

The finalists are rap-styled physically challenged singer Vytautas Matuzas, the young rock band Alive Way and Katažina with her dramatic song Euforija. The jury picked Amazed By You for being "a well-composed rock ballad". The audience went for Vytautas Matuzas, the rap-singer moving in a wheelchair. His song Take It Back was written by Linas Adomaitis, who was Lithuania's representative in 2004 in Istambul and who came second last year in the national selection. 

Next Saturday 18th of February the third semifinal takes place, and the six acts that didn't qualify tonight still have a chance to be saved for a place in the Final on the 3rd of March.