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Three more qualifiers ready in Norway

Tonight the annual Melodi Grand Prix roadshow in Norway made it's way to the picturesque town of Florø in Western Norway where another seven acts gave it their all, competing for just three places in the Grand Final in Oslo on the 9th of February.

Melodi Grand Prix has visited Florø before and the crowd are a reliable source of applause and support for the artists, something they lived up to tonight! Of course with only three places available in the final, four acts had to go home disappointed.

The acts that qualified were Annsofi, Fjellfolk and Margaret Berger who all gave fantastic renditions of their songs and ensured that the public at home voted them through to the Grand Final. These now join the three acts that qualified in Steinkjer last Saturday.

The seven acts competing were (qualifiers in bold):

  • Martin Blomvik - Det vakje mi tid
  • Annsofi - I'm With You (3rd Place)
  • Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby - No One
  • Fjellfolk - Ulvetuva (2nd Place)
  • Haji - Shine With Me
  • Mimi Blix/Doc MC - Catch Me
  • Margaret Berger - Feed You My Love (1st Place)

The line up for the final is now:

  • Gromth and Emil Solli-Tangen - Alone
  • Datarock - The Underground
  • Vidar Busk - Paid My Way
  • Margaret Berger - Feed You My Love
  • Fjellfolk - Ulvetuva
  • Annsofi - I'm With You

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About the qualifiers

Below is some information about tonight's qualifiers:

Feed You My love

Artist: Margaret Berger
Lyrics and music: Karin Park, Robin Lynch and Niklas Olovson

Electropop artist Margaret Berger (27) grew up on the island of Hitra in Sør-Trøndelag. She made her breakthrough as an artist when she came a strong second in Idol in 2004 and made her record debut in the same year with the album Charmeleon. This led to a Spellemannspris for music video of the year for Lifetime Guarantee, in addition to being nominated for the prize for Newcomer of the Year. Now she is working on her third studio album and finally ready to take part in Melodi Grand Prix! The song, with which she will perform for the first time on stage in Florø is called Feed You My Love and is written by the Swedish-Norwegian artist and songwriter Karin Park. Feed You My Love is produced by the Norwegian-Swedish producer duo MachoPsycho (Robin Lynch and Niklas Olovson). Lynch and Olovson have previously collaborated with artists like Jessica Simpson, Natalie Imbruglia and Pink. For the latter, they wrote and produced the Grammy-nominated super hitStupid Girls!


Artist: Fjellfolk
Lyrics and music: Trym Bjønnes

Fjellfolk is a band from Bykle in Setesdal and is made up of Helga Jacobsen (vocals, effects), Tor Hoslemo (fiddle) and Trym Bjønnes (guitar, vocals and programming). The trio have been playing together since 2008 and have held a string of concerts and performed at various festivals. These include MaiJazz, Eikrapen Roots Festival, Canal Street, Ekstremsportveko and Nordsjøfestivalen. Songwriter Bjønnes has with his background from LIPA made a name for himself as a singer-songwriter and was the week’s Urørt last autumn with the English language Rain Will Fall. Now it’s Melodi Grand Prix’s turn with the songUlvetuva, based on a saying from the area they are from. It is a vulnerable and strong song with a floating and rhythmic chorus.

I'm With You

Artist: Annsofi
Lyrics and music: Alexander Rybak

Annsofi Pettersen (18) comes from Sarpsborg and has despite her young age, gained plenty of TV experience. Her first appearance was in 2010 when she took part in Det store korslaget where she sang in the winning choir. Later that year she took part in the talent competition X-Factor where she came third. Annsofi has released three solo singles as well as contributing to a number of compilations. The song I’m With You has been written by none other than Alexander Rybak! The partnership with Alexander Rybak started in the wake of X-Factor, when Annsofi was invited to sing with him at number of Christmas concerts.

And next week...

Now there is just one Semi-Final left before the Grand Final in Oslo on the 9th of February. This will take place in the town of Larvik on the south coast of Norway next Saturday. Here the final seven acts will compete again for three places in the final, almost completing the line-up. One lucky non-qualifying act will, however, be offered a wildcard for the 10th and final position in the final.

This year broadcaster NRK has changed the way in which the participants are announced, presenting them in a live show on the Wednesday before the Semi-Final. Here, short snippets of the songs are played and music professionals scrunitise and give their opinions about each of the entries.

So, join us on Wednesday where we will reveal the next seven Semi-Finalists and then again on Saturday for the third and final Semi-Final of Melodi Grand Prix 2013. 

Norway have been drawn to take part in the second half of the second Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest on the 16th of May in Malmö, Sweden.