Three more get to Lithuanian final

Tonight's semi-final followed the pattern of last show where all the participants were commented on by a professional jury. 

In the end, three songs qualified for the final of the Lithuanian national selection by the joint decision of an expert jury and the televoters. This is the result of tonight's show (in order of appearance, qualifiers in bold:

  • Guoda Isado - Čiūto Tūto
  • Valdas Maksvytis - Leisk Mylėti
  • Vigroses - Freedom Of Mind
  • Dave and Henry - Fresh Air Dream
  • Liepa - Laukiu
  • Tofu Bubble - Take
  • Nora - What Is Love?
  • EDEN - Sleep Of Mind
  • Eglė Petrikaitė - Laimingi Kaip Mes
  • Deividas Bastys - My Girl
  • Eglė Jakšytė - Love Is Alive
  • Kas jos tokios? - Unbreakable
  • Evelina Sašenko - C'Est Ma Vie
  • Donny Montell - Let Me

The next semi-final will take place on Saturday, February 19th, again at 20:00 CET. Lithuania was drawn to take part in the First Semi-Final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, to be held on May 10th. 

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