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"Three Minutes to Earth" for Georgia

The song that The Shin & Mariko will sing on the Eurovision stage in Copenhagen is called Three Minutes To Earth. Zaza Miminoshvili, member of The Shin, composed the entry, while the author of the lyrics is Eugen Eliu.

"It describes the last three minutes of a long walk back to Earth, back home", they explained to while they were taking a short break from their recording tasks in the scb studios in Stuttgart. Shin, also means "home", so the band name is linked to the lyrics too.

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"The song is about feelings and thoughts you have when you return, and it also tries to answer the question how the earth sounds at the moment", they continue to explain. Their Eurovision song is definitely something special, as folk meets modern music, mixed with country and even quotes from Bach.

As the lyrics, vocals and instruments are the core parts of their Eurovision entry, the musicians are keeping the natural sound of it in the studios without applying too many technical changes - it almost sounds like a live performance. You will be able to listen to it for the first time Mid-March, when it will be officially presented.

Before their departure to Copenhagen, The Shin & Mariko still have to absolve several press events, and of course a video clip will be recorded and produced in Georgia. For now, they haven't revealed much about their plans for the Eurovision stage act yet - just three key words: "Sky, wings, and deceleration."

The lead singer, Mariko, told us that, for her, this project is particularly exciting because two different generations sing together, thus targeting two generations with one common song. We hope they will win the hearts of all generations in May, and wish them the best of luck!