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Three advance to Finnish final

Posted 14 January 2011 at 20:48

This year's Finnish final - 2011 Eurovision Laulukilpailu - consists of three semi-finals held at the YLE TV studios in Tampere. The top 3 songs in each heat (chosen by sms- and televoting) qualify for the final. After all the semi-finals have been held, an "expert" jury will award a so-called "wildcard" for one of the losing songs meaning that the total number of songs in the final will amount to 10.
The five candidates in tonight's first semi-final were the following (qualifiers in bold):
  • Automatic Eye - I'm Not The One Who's Sorry
  • Marko Maunuksela - Synkän Maan Tango
  • Johanna Iivanainen - Luojani Mun
  • Jonna - Puppets
  • Cardiant - Rapture In Time
The 2011 Finnish final will be held on the 12th of February at Turku's Caribia Arena and will be hosted by longterm presenter Jaana Pelkonen and newcomer Tom Nylund.
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