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This weekend: Poland, Slovenia and Ukraine pick their acts for Rotterdam

21 February 2020 at 17:00 CET
Finalists Ukrainian national selection Vidbir 2020 UA:PBC
It's only 85 days before the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. All over Europe, new artists are being chosen. This upcoming weekend, another 3 acts for Rotterdam will be selected in Poland, Slovenia and Ukraine. And Portugal and Sweden will broadcast their semi-finals.

With 21 artists announced, there are 20 more to go. Just like last week, we will provide you with extensive coverage on the latest news from Europe. For more national selection dates, go to our calendar.

Saturday 22 February

Ukraine will pick a winner

18:00 CET - Vidbir 2020 (WATCH LIVE)

The Vidbir 2020 final will be opened by Verka Serduchka (Ukraine 2007). Tina Karol (Ukraine 2006) will give a special performance and Jamala (Ukraine 2016) is set to sing her new song Жалі (Zhali).

Finalists of Ukraine's national selection 'Vidbir 2020' UA:PBC

After 2 semi-finals, 6 artists have qualified for the final of Vidbir, Ukraine's national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. In running order:

Just like in the semi-finals, 50% of the outcome will be decided by the jury and 50% by a televote. In case of a tie, the participant with more points from the voting audience will win.

12 acts in the race for Slovenia's EMA final

20:00 CET - EMA 2020 (WATCH LIVE)

The 12 participating artists and the titles of their songs are listed below. Click on the YouTube link for previews of all tracks.

  • Ana Soklič - Voda
  • Božidar Wolfand Wolf - Maybe Someday
  • Parvani Violet – Cupid
  • Gaja Prestor - Verjamem Vase
  • Imset - Femme Fatale
  • Inmate - The Salt
  • Klara Jazbec - Stop The World
  • Lina Kuduzović - Man Like U
  • Manca Berlec - Večnost
  • Saška – Še Kar Lovim Tvoj Nasmeh
  • Simon Vadnjal - Nisi Sam
  • Tinkara Kovač - Forever

Fun fact: Lina Kuduzović took 3rd place at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 and Tinkara Kovač reached the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. All 12 acts will compete in the final this Saturday. Klemen Slakonja will host the show; Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl - Slovenia's participants in 2019 - will be guest acts during the show.

Sunday 23 February

Poland's picks Eurovision 2020 representative

Szansa na Sukces - 15:15 CET (WATCH LIVE)

During the climax of Poland's national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, the 3 finalists Albert Černý, Kasia Dereń and Alicja Szemplińska will perform both a Eurovision cover and their potential participating song for Rotterdam.

You might recognize Albert from Lake Malawi, last year's representatives for the Czech Republic! Even though he is Czech, he went to school in Poland and therefore has a strong connection to the country.

Albert Černý - Lucy (Lake Malawi, Czech Republic 2019)

Kasia Dereń - Ufaj mi

Alicja Szemplińska

Alicja will premier her song during the broadcast of Szansa na Sukces.

Polish national finalist Alicja Szemplińska TVP

Also happening this weekend

2 more countries will have their semi-finals:

Which (semi-)final are you looking forward to the most this weekend? Let us know in the comments!