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This weekend: Five more acts to be chosen for Tel Aviv

15 February 2019 at 17:22 CET
Finalists EMA 2019 Slovenia RTVSLO
By Sunday night, we will know five more acts taking part in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest! On Saturday Croatia, Estonia, Latvia and Slovenia will hold their national finals, on Sunday Romania decides for Tel Aviv. Six more countries will hold semi-finals to select acts for their national selection finals. Check out what's going on in the Eurovision universe during the weekend of 16 and 17 February.

Saturday, 16th of February

Croatia brings back Dora

Time: 20:05 CET at HRT1

For the first time since 2010, Croatia is once again organising their national selection Dora. The show will be hosted by Iva Šulentić, Jelena Lešić and Mirko Fodor and will take place at the Marino Cvetković Sports Hall in Opatija.

The winner will be decided by both the audience as well as a jury panel (50/50). In case of a tie, the audience vote will be decisive.

The winner will be awarded a special Dora statue and will, of course, become Croatia's representative at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

Franka will open the show with her 2018 Eurovision Song Contest entry for Croatia Crazy. Vanna, who represented Croatia in 2001 with Strings of My Heart, will also perform.

All sixteen artists and their songs:

  • Bernarda Bruno – I Believe In True Love
  • Beta Sudar – Don’t Give Up
  • Bojan Jambrošić & Danijela Pintarić – Vrijeme predaje
  • Domenica – Indigo
  • Elis Lovrić – All I Really Want
  • Ema Gagro – Redemption
  • Gelato Sisters – Back To That Swing
  • Jelena Bosančić – Tell Me
  • Jure Brkljača – Ne postojim kad nisi tu
  • Kim Verson – Nisam to što žele
  • Lea Mijatović – Tebi pripadam
  • Lidija Bačić Lille – Tek je počelo
  • Lorena Bućan – Tower of Babylon
  • Luka Nižetić – Brutalero
  • Manntra – In the shadows
  • Roko – The dream

Estonia broadcasts Eesti Laul final

Time: 18:00 CET at ETV1 (WATCH LIVE)

Broadcast from Tallinn, the Estonian national selection reaches its climax. From the two semi-finals, twelve artists have qualified for the final:

Expect guest performances by 2018 Eurovision Song Contest participant Elina Nechayeva, 2011 Eurovision Song Contest participant Getter Jaani and 1996 Eurovision Song Contest participant Ivo Linna.

Latvia's 'Supernova' about to explode

Time: 20:25 CET at LTV (WATCH LIVE)

Eight contestants will battle for Latvia's ticket to Tel Aviv. After two semi-finals, most of the acts have refined their performances, hoping to surprise the audience once again.

These artists will perform in the final of Supernova:

The winner will be determined by televoters, a jury panel, the number of Spotify streams of each song. Votes cast via the Alfa app will be included with the televoting results.

During the show, guest performances will be given by Patrisha and hip hop artist HIS.

Slovenia goes EMA


Ten finalists will be performing, hoping to become Slovenia's representative at this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv:

  • Fed Horses - Ti ne poznaš konjev
  • Kim - Rhythm Back to You
  • Lumberjack - Lepote dna
  • Okustični - Metulji plešejo
  • Raiven - KAOS
  • Renata Mohorič - Three Bridges
  • René - Ne poveš
  • Ula Ložar -  Fridays
  • Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl - Sebi

The show will be hosted by Ajda Smrekar.

This year, RTVSLO treated its viewers and EMA contestants with a spectacular stage!

For more insights into the preparations for EMA 2019, you can follow the official accounts on FacebookInstagramTwitter and YouTube. Meanwhile, check out the clips of all finalists!

Also happening this Saturday

Several more countries will see semi-finals, building up towards national finals scheduled to take place in the next few weeks.

Sunday, 17th of February

Romania selects their act


The final of Selecţia Naţională will take place at the Sala Polivalentă in Bucharest. The show will be hosted by Alina Ionescu, Aurelian Temișan and Ilinca Avram.

Expect special guest performances by 2018 Eurovision Song Contest winner Netta (Israel) and 2013 Eurovision Song Contest winner Emmelie de Forest (Denmark).

The winner will be determined by a jury and the voting audience.

 The running order of Selecţia Naţională:

Find out more about the national selection dates of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in our calendar.