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This week's Norwegian final ticket goes to Babel Fish and Hanne Sørvaag

22 January 2011 at 22:21 CET

After last week's semi-final in Ørland, NRK have once again held an exciting show where two further acts qualified to grand final, which is being held in Oslo in a few weeks time. This week's semi final was held in the picturesque town of Florø in western Norway, only a stone's throw away from the beautiful fjord region of the country. 

The two acts that won a direct ticket to the final are Babel FIsh with Depend On Me and composer of last year's Norwegian entry, Hanne Sørvaag with You're Like A Melody. The two acts achieving a third and fourth place in this semi have qualified to the second chance round being held in Sarpsborg in two weeks time. These are Mimi Blix with Allergic and Endre with Oh Oh (Puppy Love).  

The grand final will take place on the 12th of February at Oslo Spektrum, venue of the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest.