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Third Ukrainian semi-final concluded - five qualify

Posted 26 December, 2010, 18:20

Initially, the third semi-final was scheduled to be broadcast already on December 19th, but as a live concert, also to be shown on the Ukrainian public TV channel Pershy Natsionalny, came up in the same time spot, the semi-final was eventually moved to this Sunday on short notice.
This time, seven acts were in the running, and the jury again picked five finalists out of them. Matias did not participate in tonight's semi-final as he was sick, but he still has the possibility to qualify for the final with the help of the televoters. The lyrics of El Kravchuk's song were changed since the quarter final: Initially, he had sung his song completely in Russian language, but tonight, he performed an English version with one chorus in German. This is the line-up of tonight's show (in order of appearance, qualifiers in bold):
  1. Armiya & Vira Varlamova - Alo, Alo
  2. El Kravchuk - Moya Nadezhda
  3. Jamala - Smile
  4. Eduard Romanyuta - Berega
  5. Mila Nitich - Goodbye
  6. Pavel Tabakov - Shake Your Body
  7. Darya Medovaya - Infinity
After tonight's third semi-final, all preselection rounds have been concluded. The line-up of the Ukrainian national final will be complete when the qualifiers chosen by televoting have been announced.
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