Things are heating up in Düsseldorf!

The only question among the journalists in the press centre of the Düsseldorf Arena right now is: who is going to qualify from the first Semi-Final for this year's Eurovision Song Contest? Virtually every single country from the 19 participating has been named as a possible qualifier!

The juries in the 19 countries and in Spain and the UK already voted in last night's second dress rehearsals, so their results are already known to a very closed circle of people, but everything is kept secret until tonight! Of course, the viewers at home will have a say as well and will count for 50% of the total votes tonight. But who will they vote for?

Today, most of the delegations rehearsed in casual clothes, but lots of them looked very tense already thinking ahead of tonight's big decision.

Have a look at our video team's footage about tonight's semi-final:

Stay tuned with us here at's for tonight's event!

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