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18 acts are confirmed for Eurovision 2021!

16 May 2020 at 22:55 CEST
During 'Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light' another four artists were confirmed to be participating again next year.

Before tonight, 14 artists were confirmed to take part in Eurovision 2021. Tonight 4 more names got added to the list. They are:

Each artist announced their exciting news in their feature message during the live broadcast of Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light.

These are the 14 other artists you'll see on the 2021 stage:

These are the 14 confirmed acts for Eurovision 2021


Posted 14 May 2020 at 12:55 CEST

Another artist returning in 2021: it's Benny Cristo!

Czech broadcaster Czech TV has revealed that their Eurovision 2020 artist will return in 2021. Benny Cristo will take the stage next year!

Although Czech TV and Benny Cristo have agreed to work together in 2021, the exact process of his song selection has yet to be determined. Czech TV has confirmed that they would love to get the audience involved in this process.

Benny Cristo has been a regular on the Czech music scene for over 10 years. In 2019, he released his EP Kontakt, which contains a total of 6 songs including hits Aleiaio and Plan. His biggest hits so far are Bomby (24 million views on YouTube), Asio (14 million views) and Padam (24 million views).

Benny Cristo Lucie Vysloužilová

In addition to his musical career, he is a professional jiu-jitsu competitor, holding prestigious awards from international tournaments in his category.


Posted 02 April 2020 at 13:00 CEST

Another 3 artists returning in 2021!

Romanian broadcaster TVR, Austrian broadcaster ORF and Australian broadcaster SBS have each revealed that their Eurovision 2020 artists will take the stage in 2021.

Austria: Vincent Bueno

Public broadcaster ORF announced in late March that Vincent Bueno will go on to represent the country in 2021. Of the choice, Kathrin Zechner, ORF Program Director, said: "We believe in our artist; Vincent Bueno will be an ideal candidate for ESC 2021! We are convinced that he will represent Austria with a new song at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 perfectly."

Austria's Eurovision 2020 participant Vincent Bueno David "Dave" Yang

Vincent became widely known through the ORF show Musical! The Show, in which he emerged the winner. In 2009, Vincent also participated in the TV show Dancing Stars. With his studio, SUITCASE MEDIA, he now produces his own music, including his entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, Alive.

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Australia: Montaigne

SBS proudly announced that art-pop singer-songwriter Montaigne will get her shot at Eurovision glory when the Eurovision Song Contest returns in May 2021. SBS Commissioning Editor and Australian Head of Delegation Josh Martin affirmed the broadcaster's excitement: “Although SBS and fans alike will miss Eurovision – Australia Decides 2021, this will honour Australia’s decision and give Montaigne the chance to show the world what we already know – that she is an incredibly talented, exciting and original artist. Our focus will now shift to a new song for 2021 and Montaigne is not wasting a moment of this period of isolation with many new ideas already on the table!”

Australia's Eurovision 2020 participant Montaigne Johnny Nicolaidis

Montaigne was also excited to announce the news: "I’m so happy to receive this good news during such times. At home, we’ve started this ritual of cracking open a fortune cookie daily and reading our fortunes to each other and I got one that read, "You will be sharing great news with all the people you love.” I’m so glad it came true!"

The voice of a new generation in Australia, at only 24, Sydney-based artist and activist Montaigne (born Jess Cerro) has become an important name in the indie music scene. The past few years have seen her recognized for her work: her original songs voted on to Triple J Radio's Hottest 100, an ARIA award for Best Breakthrough Artist and a nomination for Best Female Artist in 2016.

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Romania: ROXEN

Romanian Television (TVR) has also confirmed their support for ROXEN as Romania’s representative for Eurovision Song Contest 2021. "These days, we all live in a new and different type of normality and Eurovision will restart next year in our hearts with renewed strength. I am sure that ROXEN can impress Europe through her attitude, her vocal qualities and her on-stage presence, even if the selected song did not have the opportunity to shine as deserved. We are certain we can find another song that will be loved or not, but certainly will not be ignored by any lover of good music!”, said Head of Delegation, Liana Stanciu, of the choice.

Romania's Eurovision 2020 representative ROXEN Ştefan Dacian Foldi

ROXEN was equally as excited to comment on the news: "I received the good news with a lot of excitement and emotion and I want to thank everybody for their trust. I already know how much dedication and work this project involves, so I am ready to start again my preparations as soon as possible in order to represent Romania the best that I can [next year]. I can hardly wait for us to get back to work and to produce the best song for 2021."

In her childhood, ROXEN was fascinated by the artistic fields: writing and publishing books, singing at school festivals, acting and filming theatre plays. She has always felt like she belonged on stage. For her, every single musical experience is a journey towards another dimension. ROXEN’s musical aura is like a spell that creates a whole new world.

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The 3 artists join Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Israel, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and Ukraine in a growing list of countries who’ve given their 2020 artists a second chance. Each artist will perform a new song for the upcoming Contest.

Will any more 2020 artists be announced for 2021? Let us know who you'd like to see take the stage next year!


Posted 23 March 2020 at 17:00 CET

These artists are already confirmed for Eurovision 2021

After the unprecedented cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest this year, multiple participating broadcasters announced that they will continue into 2021 with the same artists they selected for Rotterdam 2020. These 10 - at the time of writing - artists are set to compete in next year's Contest with entirely new songs.

On Wednesday 18 March, we regretfully had to announce the cancellation of this year's Contest due to the uncertainty created by the spread of COVID-19 throughout Europe and the restrictions put in place by the governments of the participating broadcasters and the Dutch authorities.

After the cancellation, the following countries announced that they will be represented in 2021 by the representative initially selected for this year: Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Israel, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Ukraine.

With the unusual situation of 10 artists for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 already selected in March, more than a year before the Contest will take place, the national selection season for 2021 will be very different from previous years.

Azerbaijan: Efendi

Public broadcaster Ictimai announced that Efendi will go on to represent Azerbaijan in 2021.

Efendi Farhad Ali

28-year-old Samira Efendi has competed in popular musical programs, such as Yeni Ulduz, Böyük Səhnə (3rd place) and The Voice of Azerbaijan (3rd place). In 2017, she also took part and finished in 3rd place in the Silk Way Star, an international singing competition aired in Kazakhstan. In 2019, she successfully represented Azerbaijan at the Voice of Nur-Sultan, again in Kazakhstan.

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Belgium: Hooverphonic

Hooverphonic Zeb Daemen

For the past 25 years, Belgian band Hooverphonic has blurred the lines between symphonic soundscapes and highly infectious pop tunes. Never one to place all of his eggs in one basket, frontman Alex Callier has always strived to deliver quality songs, sung by the best singers in the business.

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Bulgaria: VICTORIA

VICTORIA Lora Musheva

Victoria's distinctive voice and style position her as one of the most promising new artists in Bulgaria. The young singer-songwriter and her team are working on Victoria's first EP, expected to be released in autumn 2020. Victoria loves animals and has 4 rescue dogs, 2 rabbits and a parrot. In 2020, she will be one of the official European ambassadors of Earth Hour.

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Georgia: Tornike Kipiani

Tornike Kipiani Temo Kvirkvelia

Tornike Kipiani was born 11 December 1987 in Tbilisi, Georgia. He is a 32-year-old musician, the father of 3 children and a professional architect. When he founded his own band at age 19, he didn't even consider becoming a vocalist. While Tornike and his bandmates looked for an additional member to fill that vacant spot, he took that spot.

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Greece: Stefania

Stefania Chantal Antonides

17-year-old Stefania Liberakakis, also known simply as Stefania, is a Greek-Dutch singer, actress and YouTuber. Stefania was born and raised in the Netherlands and, at a very young age, realized her inclination and love for music.

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Israel: Eden Alene

Israel's Eurovision 2021 representative Eden Alene Ran Yehezkel

With both parents hailing from Ethiopia, 20-year-old Eden Alene was born in Jerusalem. After studying ballet for 11 years through her young life, Eden started taking vocal training lessons and soon after decided to pursue a career in music.

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Spain: Blas Cantó

Spain's Eurovision 2020 representative Blas Cantó Laura Ortiz

Blas Cantó, born 26 October 1991, is one of the most influential musicians in the Hispanic pop music scene at the moment. He is a versatile artist, a perfectionist and a performer who thrives in front of a live audience.

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Switzerland: Gjon's Tears

Gjon's Tears SRF/Lukas Mäder

Gjon has dedicated his heart and soul to music since he was a child. Moving his grandfather to tears with his rendition of Elvis Presley's Can't Help Falling in Love as a 9-year-old was a formative experience for him. The artist's name came from this very experience: Gjon's Tears. "Whether it's joy, sadness or melancholy – I want to touch people with my music in every possible way."

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The Netherlands: Jeangu Macrooy

Jeangu Macrooy Anton Corbijn

The seeds to Jeangu's musical journey were first planted when he received a guitar from his parents for his 13th birthday. Together with his twin brother Xillan, he formed a musical duo. His artistic ambitions, however, proved bigger than the scene in his native Surinam and he moved to the Netherlands at the age of 20.

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Ukraine: Go_A

Press photos Go_A (Ukraine 2020) JSC "UA:PBC"

The band Go_A creates a modern reinterpretation of Ukrainian folklore, packaged in electronic sound. The group's name consists of 'Go', as 'movement', and 'A', as in the ancient Greek letter 'alpha' which refers to going back to one's cultural roots.

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