Theme design will colour Belgrade

The Belgrade Arena, where the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest will take place, and the surrounding area will be decorated with flags, billboards and banners. Between 11th and 25th of May, the Eurovision Village will settle down in front of the contest's venue. The Eurovision Village opens its doors every day at 12:00 and closes at 20:00. 

The spirit of the contest will not only be noticable around the arena. Belgrade's international airport and the road from the airport to the city will also be decorated. Both New Belgrade as well as the city centre across the river will be spiced up with flags, banners and billboards featuring this year's theme Confluence Of Sound.

Boris Miljković, the award-winning Creative Director of this year's Eurovision Song Contest, said: "With this theme, we, as the hosts, are actively welcoming all participating countries. With this theme, we chose for a more emotional approach, reaching out to the senses, instead of the traditional touristic, commercial approach."

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