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The whole story behind Aram MP3's video clip

03 April 2014 at 16:27 CEST

The official video clip of Not Alone, the Armenian entry for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, generated more than one and a half million views so far. Now Aram Mp3 and his colleagues, the director of the clip and the actors, reveal a few facts about the video shooting process.

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Time to make an exception

Though the core process of shooting the video didn’t take too much time, the preparation process was interesting. Diana Malenko, actress, had never played in music videos commercials before. She confesses that she had kept refusing all offers, thinking that if once she should make an exception, it had to be a really outstanding offer. So the time has come - you can see her in Aram Mp3's clip!

"I’m just amazed by the professional approach of the whole team, but want to particularly mention Aram’s willingness to work hard all day long. Even at the moments when he could have a rest, sleep for awhile, he preferred to be with us. He cheered us with his positive energy and loaded us with humor, even when all of us were so tired. He is a perfect person to work with", Diana Malenko told us.

Emotional changes

The director of the video clip, Grigor Gasparyan, who is a good friend of Aram Mp3 and participant of many famous Armenian and Russian Comedy shows, wanted to be the director of the video as soon as he heard the song: "As the song is very emotional, the video accompanying it has to match certain criteria. Aram performs not only a wide diapason of vocal but also various emotions. You can notice how he changes throughout singing the whole song. The greatest challenge for me was to visualize this dramatics. I think our team managed to do so by bringing together Aram and professional actors." 

What if it is only one kiss...

The "climax" of the final scene was being recorded at the end of the shooting night, almost in the early morning when it was very cold. Aram Mp3 jokes as usual: "The water of artificial rain was rather cold. At first I was concerned about the working conditions of the actors, but later I realized that it just contributed to the naturalism of the warming kiss. I think our actors tried their best to warm themselves up and the kiss turned out to be very touching indeed."

The whole story

The video clip for Not Alone is like a short movie, illustrating the message of the song: Fight for love. The viewers can see what hard moments of arguing, quarrel and fight occur between two people in love. First, the two heroes of the story blame each other, fight and leave each other in the moment of anger. Still, being left alone with their anger and mixed feelings, one of them finds enough courage to turn the car back, go to his beloved one and try to get her back.

In the final breathtaking scene the heroes are kissing passionately, reaching out to each other through their car windows. Similarly to the song, the video develops through the combination of movie shots and Aram’s solo performance.

Travelling to Eurovision

Widely known for his passion of travelling, new discoveries and exploring new cultures and people, Aram Mp3 recently had an exclusive photo shooting themed "Travelling to Eurovision" for the Armenian Luxury magazine. It's an interesting story which unites photos and compiles them into one complete storyline - you can check them out right below!

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As Armenia is famous for its brandy, the shooting venue was selected to indicate some Armenian traditions with contrast to Aram's image. One can see Aram’s preparations for Eurovision at a traditional Armenian set up along with national symbols glittering in the background.

Tasting traditional Armenian cognac and concentrating for his future performance, Aram is getting ready for one of the most important steps in his career: the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest: "I enjoyed the photo shoot and the image I am presenting. I’ve always liked British style in fashion. The traveler’s image is very close to my heart as I am fond of new discoveries and experiences", Aram Mp3 commented.