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The Welcome Reception: a glamorous event!

Posted 9 May 2011 at 12:39

It has become a tradition for the host city to hold a welcome reception for the participating delegations and this year was no exception: the city of Düsseldorf organised a glamourous event on Sunday night!
All the artists were specially introduced on a red carpet and slowly walked to the entrance of the Tonhalle while having the possibility to talk to the gathering journalists. Lots of chit-chat was going on, and the artists looked very pleased to be in the centre of attention!
During the party, lots of drinks and food were served, and delegations freely walked around to mingle with the participants from other countries.
The official part of the Welcome Reception featured a full orchestra playing music, followed with welcoming speeches by both the Lord Mayor of Düsseldorf, Dirk Elbers, and the Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, Jon Ola Sand.
Extravagant dresses could be seen wherever you looked, and Eurovision.tv was there to supply you with photos and videos. Have a look below!
{Video#YT, id: ifxjdnyzVcQ}
{Video#YT, id: 4N3HOmnuM0o}
{Video#YT, id: _SEciiC4i5k}
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