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The stage is Can's ocean for Turkey

"A song about a sailor's love"

Today is Can Bonomo's birthday so we took the opportunity to speak to him and wish him a Happy Birthday backstage.

We also asked him about his stage performance to which he said, "this is a song about a sailor's love and we are all real men expressing that feeling". 

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Stormy seas and an aching heart for Can

Can Bonomo took to the stage wearing a very casual outfit with a hat, t-shirt and jeans. The song has always had a casual theme and the backing singers and dancers were all wearing white t-shirts and blue trousers on stage. 

From the outset you could see there was a strong and passionate seafaring theme to the Turkish entry with the moving and unpredictable sea and ship's helm playing a prominent role in the LED graphics behind the stage. 

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The performance is very masculine and as Can described, is about a sailor's aching love for a girl; something that draws from history back in the days when sailors often spent months at a time at sea. 

In terms of colours there are cool shades of blue followed by very fiery reds and turbulent pictures of stormy seas with rain effects and lightning simulated by flashing strobes behind the stage. 

There is a lot of interesting choreography by Can and his backing singers, who dance like typical sailors with lots of jumping and masculine moves. However, there is also a distinctly Turkish sound to the song. 

For the last run through there were some really good pyro effects coming from poles mounted on the stage. It seems that these may represent a ship's masts.

"In Turkey my music is considered alternative"

At the press conference Can was calm and relaxed after a good rehearsal, despite a few mishaps during the initial camera rehearsal. 

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He talked about the attitudes in Turkey to his music, which he said that "in Turkey my music is considered alternative", despite having a lot of distinctive Turkish sounds in the song. 

His birthday was also a big theme with many good wishes and additionally he was asked to say Happy Birthday to a fan, which he did. On the subject of celebrating, he had a surprise party last night organised by his colleagues.