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The spotlights are on for Belgium

Posted 10 May 2013 at 20:38

Roberto Bellarosa was in a playful mood when he arrived at the arena. He looked ready for his rehearsal after a successful first round on stage on Monday.
On stage, not much had changed significantly since the first rehearsal and he is still joined by two female dances in a close formation and three backing singers standing to the right of him.
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The camera work is worth noting here as there are two steady cameras with him on stage to provide close up shots during the first few seconds of his performance. The dancing sequence remains quite close with the dancers putting a lot of focus on Roberto on stage.
Love Kills is a very up beat pop song and the blue and purple colours help to bring it to life on stage. In the beginning the purples are expressed in the form of spotlights later joined by moving white spots. Later on as the performance tempo builds, strobing effects are used. As before the lyrics of the song are periodically projected on the rear screen of the stage.

"One of the most beautiful times of my life"

In the press conference, Roberto started by singing the chorus of Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Italy 1958). He then went on to talk about how he got into music, when he comes from such a big football family.
He then went on to talk about how he made a television show with previous Eurovision Song Contest participant and superstar Céline Dion.
He also spoke a little about his experience at the contest so far, saying that he had never stood on such a big stage and that it will be "one of the most beautiful times of his life".
Roberto spoke about his experience singing in English, saying that "the lyrics are more intensive in English and that I would prefer to learn English to be able to do this".

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