The Spanish final is now a three-player game

For the third week running, the host of the Spanish selection "Destino Eurovisión", Anne Igartiburu, greeted the expert jury and her backstage co-presenter, Daniel Diges, who sang for Spain last year in Oslo. This week the performers had to tried their lucks by singing again classics of the Eurovision Song Contest history.

The performances

Daniel introduced the first act out, the band Da Igual, chosen by the jury on the first week, this time they did Marionetas En La Cuerda, a rocky version of Puppet On A String. Then it was time for Esmeralda Grao singing the Spanish entry of 1985, La Fiesta Terminó, very much in her own way.

Third one out was Eurovision follower Sebas singing a more acoustic What's Another Year?, Johnny Logan's first winner. Lucía Perez followed, giving a try to one of the four winners of the Eurovision Song Contest 1969, Lulu's Boom Bang-A-Bang in English and Spanish which was well received.

Boy band Auryn decided to sing one of the biggest Spanish Eurovision classics, 1973's runner-up Eres Tú, getting a huge reception. Time for Melissa, who got one of the televote tickets last week, singing one of the main contest classics, Dana International's Diva.

In the first show Gio made a very personal version of last year's winner Satellite which the juries thought it was worth of proceeding and tonight his rendition of Dime, the Spanish entry of 2003, was not less personal. Monica Guech accompanied herself on the piano again, this time to sing the last UK winner Love Shine A Light.

The last two performers of the night were Don Johnsons with Lordi's Hard Rock Hallelujah, in an unexpected, unmasked, pop version and David Sancho put an end to the performances with a crooner take on the evergreen Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare).

The results

After the performances three guest acts took the stage: Pastora Soler, jury member David Ascanio and Sergio Dalma, who represented Spain at the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest in Rome. Then Anne announced the results. The first winner came from the televote: Lucía Perez and the other two finalists were picked by the jury: Melissa and Auryn.

In the coming days, the Spanish Television, TVE, will give three songs to each of the winners from among the 20 selected ones to be performed next Friday in the final.

The winner of the Spanish final will perform in the Final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, the 14th of May in Düsseldorf.

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