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The sound of Hungarian hearts

Before their first rehearsal, Compact Disco talked to backstage. They confirmed that they will not be using pyros or other special effects on stage but will keep the performance simple, fitting their style as a band. "Maybe this is wrong for Eurovision", they jokingly added.

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"We are very excited to see the visuals on the LED screens for the first time during in our rehearsal today, as we couldn't use our own design", they concluded the conversation in their dressing room, just before going on stage.

On stage, Compact Disco showed a very confident and powerful performance. While the lead vocalist of the band was using the whole stage as well as the catwalk during the performance, the other band members as well as the female backing vocalist remained on the main stage.

On the LEDs in the stage background, moving lines were shown, forming beating hearts during the chorus of the Hungarian entry, Sound Of Our Hearts. Compact Disco proved that they are very experience live musicians, delivering a vocally strong act in the Baku Crystal Hall. During the camera rehearsals, a lot of wide shots were used, as well as several close-ups of the lead singer.

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There was no press conference of the Hungarian delegation today. Stay with to read more about the Hungarian press conference after their second rehearsal, on May 18th!