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The sound of drums for Ireland

Posted 7 May 2013 at 14:38

The afternoon session of rehearsals kicked off with Ryan Dolan from Ireland, and the song that he co-composed Only Love Survives.
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Ryan had a quick chat with Eurovision.tv and admitted that also being the composer added a little bit of pressure, as he was inclined to take any criticism of the song personally.
The song opens with two shirtless male dancers, adorned with tribal bodypaint, beating the rhythm out on bodrhan drums, out on the catwalk stage before they return to the main stage behind Ryan Dolan, and use two large bongo type drums to continue to beat out the rhythm.
A third male drummer,also shirtless is situated on the right of the stage, and uses three larger mounted drums to beat out the song.
Two female vocalists dressed in black are backing the song, while Ryan Dolan delivers a great vocal performance of his entry.
The tribal and celtic imagery is also maintained on the projector screens, initially with red being the main dominant colour before later transferring to blue. The whole staging of the song comes over as being powerful and memorable.
After the rehearsal Ryan Dolan went to the Euroclub to meet the press and fans.
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