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The sky is the limit for Tijana

In her stage show, Tijana is accompanied by a male dancer showing an energetic choreography, and three backing vocalists who move towards her in the last part of the song. The artists weren't wearing their stage costumes yet in today's rehearsal.

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The LED backdrop displays white lines moving with the strong rhythm of the song, later changing to raised hands with fingers pointing up, symbolising the song lyrics - To The Sky. The same move is shown by the artists on stage when the song ends. During the song, both Tijana and her backing musicians show a fast-paced choreography including "robotic" movements.

Looking at the camera work, a lot of aerial shots are used, showing the stage floor from above, on which concentric rectangles are moving towards Tijana.

Which glasses to wear?

After her arrival backstage at the B&W Hallerna in Copenhagen, Tijana started to prepare herself for today's first rehearsal. "I'm looking forward to the experience, can't wait to go on stage," she told us.

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She was accompanied by her sister Tamara (pictured below), who had already represented F.Y.R. Macedonia in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest with Let Me Love You - this year she will be one of Tijana's backing artists.

Tijana loves glasses, she even collects them and they are parts of her personal style. A few of them were lying on the table in her dressing room. "I am still deciding which ones to wear on stage today", she said. So, will she go To The Sky during her performance? "Yes of course - you will see!", she said, laughing.

These days, Tijana has already recorded parts of the JoinUs song: