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The Shin & Mariko to represent Georgia!

04 February 2014 at 13:53 CET

This year, Georgia will be represented by a band known for their sophisticated fusion of styles - The Shin. In Georgian, "shin" means "coming home", which expresses the goal of the band to lead their listeners home with their music, however far it might be. On stage, they will be joined by yound and experienced vocalist Mariko Ebralidze (pictured below).

The Shin are: Zaza Miminoshvili (guitars, panduri, songs), Zurab J. Gagnidze (bass, vocals, songs), Aleksandre Chumburidze (dance, doli) and Mamuka Gaganidze (vocals, percussion, songs). The Shin formed in 1998 in Germany, where Zaza Miminoshvili and Zurab Gagnidze have been living since 1994. Mamuka Gaganidze joined the band in 2002. In their native Georgia these musicians are acclaimed among the country’s most elite composers and musicians.

But there is more, as the band describes itself: "The Shin’s instrumental theatre is the sound of Georgia’s musical encounter with the world.  In The Shin’s music Georgian-style vocal pyrotechnics, intricate polyphony and instrumental virtuosity meets jazz scat, funk and fusion, flamenco, Ravel and Shakti. How does it sound? Sophisticated, surprising, hip, humorous, and always exhilarating – even at its most sensitive.  The Shin’s celebratory musical dialogues know no bounds.  Listen again and you’ll hear something new each time."

In the last few years The Shin launched several outstanding projects and albums, including Es ari and Black Sea Fire. The musicians participated in numerous festivals in more than 30 countries. In 2009 they received the first place in the German World Music Contest Creole. Their backlog of new ideas will provide for exciting projects for many years to come.

Mariko Ebralidze was born in 1984 in Tbilisi. She graduated from a music school, Piano Department. In 2000, she was enrolled at Zakaria Paliashvili music college to become a pop singer. 2004-2008 she studied at the Pedagogical Institute of Music Arts, and subsequently received a Bachelor's degree as a soloist and teacher.

Mariko Ebralidze is a popular and respected jazz artist and has won numerous awards. Since 2008, Ebralidze has been a soloist at the Tbilisi Municipality orchestra Big Band. She cooperates with different jazz bands and gives concerts at Tbilisi clubs.

The song which The Shin & Mariko Ebralidze are going to sing in Copenhagen is yet to be announced.