The Semi-Final Allocation Draw results!

After the draw, Executive Producer Yury Aksyuta (Channel One Russia) and the Eurovision Song Contest’s Executive Supervisor, Svante Stockselius of the EBU, summed up the latest Eurovision Song Contest news for about 100 journalists present. They were accompanied by representatives of the three international sponsors of this year's contest; Raiffeisen Bank, Rostelecom and Schwarzkopf & Henkel's Taft.

The 38 countries represented in the Semi-Finals were drawn from six pots, based on voting patterns of recent last years. Four pots contain the names of six countries, two pots contain the names of seven countries. Half of the countries were drawn into the first Semi-Final (on the 12th of May), the other half into the second Semi-Final (on the 14th of May).

Participants in the first Semi-Final

The draw determined that in the first Semi-Final (12th of May) the following countries will appear: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Sweden, Israel, Belgium, Andorra, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Iceland, Georgia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Switzerland, FYR Macedonia, Finland, Belarus, Turkey, Romania, Malta and Armenia.

The United Kingdom, Germany and Spain will also broadcast this Semi-Final and the audience in these countries can vote as well.

Participants in the second Semi-Final

In the second Semi-Final (14th of May) the following countries will be represented: Slovenia, Denmark, Azerbaijan, the Netherlands, Latvia, Hungary, Serbia, Norway, Ukraine, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Croatia, Estonia, Moldova, Cyprus, Ireland, Slovakia and Albania.

France and Russia will also broadcast this Semi-Final and the audience in these countries can vote as well.

Running order

The draw for the running order of the Semi-Finals and the Final will take place in mid-March in Moscow, under supervision of the Heads of Delegation from the 43 represented countries.

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