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The right ingredients for Cake To Bake

False start

It wasn't a start for lead singer, Joran Steinhauer, on his first run through of Cake To Bake, as he had problems placing his hand held microphone into the mic stand, and soon he couldn't be heard at all. rather than waste any more of the valuable rehearsal time, they promptly stopped their performance in order to have another attempt.

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Changing the ingredients

The introduction starts this time with Joran Steinhauer and Guntis Veiland (on guitar) making their way jointly to the centre of the stage to join the other two members of Aarzemnieki. 

All the performers are casually dressed, and still looking very relaxed in their interpretation of the song. Once again Joran makes full use of the huge stage and moves out towards the end of stage extension on the left hand side. They again experimented by having percussionist (or shaker) Raitis Vilumovs also join Joran on the stage extension during one of the rehearsals. 

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Finding the right mix

At the press conference, Joran admitted that they are still getting used to working with so many cameras, and that the process takes time. On the oen ahnd they want to eb professional, but also they like to be spontaneous, they don't just want to perform just for the cameras, but also for the audience in the arena, and not forgeting the audience at home. So they have to find the middle way in time for the next rehearsal on Monday.

Joran appears to be multi-lingual, speaking English, German, Latvian and Dutch. He puts this ability down to listening to songs in various languages. Initially he gets a feeling for the melody, and then a feeling for the language and after a whille it gets easier. he admits he is not perfect with his linguistic skills, but it all starts with songs. 

They were asked about the Latvian line of the lyrics, especially as there is a family audience watching, annd they confessed it was their rebellious touch. 

However it is because the Eurovision Song Contest is one of the last television events that the entire family can sit down to watch the show hat they are participating in the contest, it goes from the grandparents all the way down to young kids, who can watch and enjoy the programme.