The Netherlands: Toppers picked their six-pack


The three singers didn't reveal any details on the songs or their respective song writers.

"It was quite a job to pick the six songs," Jeroen van der Boom said. The trio received over 300 songs from song writers and composers. Van der Boom replaced ex-Topper Gerard Joling after a dispute with group member Gordon. Joling represented the Netherlands at the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest with Shangri-La.

"In at least one of the six songs we can perfectly combine our strenghts," Van der Boom said.

It is yet unknown how their song for Moscow will be selected. Fans and experts believe that a mix between televoting and a professional jury will be chosen, to match the formula of the Eurovision Song Contest Final. Others speculate that each of the 12 provinces of the Netherlands will get to cast a seperate vote. No official announcement on the voting procedure was made, however.

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