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The Makemakes to represent Austria!

13 March 2015 at 23:37 CET

In an exciting show tonight, Austria picked their act to defend last year's victory on home ground: The Makemakes will sing I Am Yours on stage in Vienna. They won the very last voting round agains indie-folk band DAWA.

The Makemakes

The Makemakes are a rock band consisting of Dodo (Dominic) Muhrer, Max (Markus) Christ, and Flo (Florian) X. Meindl. Their band name originates from a dwarf planet which was in fact named after the Easter Island god of Makemake. Just one month after their foundation they released their first single The Lovercall which entered the Austrian charts, just like their latest single Million Euro Smile.

The Voting

The voting was a 50/50 combination of jury and televoting. The jury had an international setup, with experts from ten countries.

In the first voting round, the two most popular acts were picked to proceed to the superfinal. Then the TV public solely chose the winner.

The Line-Up

The following six acts have competed tonight. The respective songs had been chosen by the show coaches - Anna F., Nazar and The Bosshoss - in last week's edition of Wer singt für Österreich out of two proposed songs by each act.

This is the result of the first voting round (super-final qualifiers in bold):

  • Folkshilfe - Who You Are - 14 points
  • Zoe - Quel Filou - 18 points
  • DAWA - Feel Alive - 18 points
  • Celina Ann - Utopia - 10 points
  • Johann Sebastian Bass - Absolutio - 12 points
  • The Makemakes - I Am Yours - 24 points

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DAWA qualified over Zoe despite reaching the same number of points because they had received a higher number of calls from the televoters.

The show was presented by popular host Mirjam Weichselbraun, who will also be one of the presenters of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in May.

The Show

The show was kicked of by all six finalists performing Rise Like A Phoenix together, in a newly arranged version blending the bands' and singers' own styles. Later they went on to perform Merci Chérie, the winning song for Austria in the 1966 Eurovision Song Contest, too. Its performer, Udo Jürgens, had passed away just recently.

Of course last year's winner could not miss out on this occasion: Conchita Wurst performed her new single Unstoppable just before the results announcement.

Watch it again!

Did you miss tonight's show? Then worry not - you can watch it again in our WebTV Player!