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The Lăutar's big heart

18 May 2012 at 12:53 CEST

Before going on stage, Pasha sang his whole song Lăutar for exclusively in his dressing room. The singer had a chat with us about his first rehearsal: "In the first rehearsal we were concentrated on the sound. In general, we are satisfied with it, everything sounds as we wanted.  There will be some changes in our choreography and on the LEDs during the second rehearsal." Pasha didn’t want to reveal their costumes: "You’ll see them; I don’t like to describe them like masterpieces as well."

Pasha shared with us his impressions about the city of Baku: “We visited the old city and tried the Azerbaijani cuisine. I like their national food very much, especially their combination of sweet and sour. But I guess we haven't discover Azerbaijan as the whole country yet.”

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Pasha entered the stage in his casual clothes, in his pants that he designed himself as he explained in the first press conference. His dancers, however, wore beautiful short colourful dresses for their First Semi-Final. Pasha was very good vocally and his female dancers delivered the energetic performance dancing around the artist, jumping and falling on stage, crawling around of the floor, climbing on each other’s legs.

The backstage colours changed constantly. The red lips and hearts were shown on the LEDs presenting the love theme of Pasha’s song Lăutar.

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In the press conference, Pasha Parfeny performed his acoustic version of Lăutar.

On the expectation from the Eurovision Song Contest, the artist commented that he wants to reach the Final and to be in top 10.

One journal asked Pasha how many versions of Lăutar he has. The singer said that he has his Eurovision and acoustic version. The song was also translated into Romanian.

Pasha Parfeny was given a gift - a T-shirt with Pasha as a mini pop on it designed by Ben Morris.

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