The last rehearsals of today!

Many rehearsals have been taking place today at the Belgrade Arena, and a few minutes to eight in the evening it was time for Lithuania's Jeronimas to rehearse his beautiful ballad Nomads In The Night. Just as in the first rehearsal the other day, Jeronimas was confident on the stage, and he did not seem that the pressure is getting to him. In fact, it seems like Jeronimas is getting better and better for each time he performs on the stage. Just as in the first rehearsal, Jeronimas was wearing a white shirt and black leather pants, and the LED screen in the background resembles a dark night sky and a shiny moon. Not many male singers have on their own made it to the top at prior Eurovision Song Contest finals, but perhaps this year will be different. It is clear that Jeronimas adds something special to the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest with his magnificent performance. At the press conference after the rehearsal, a journalist asked the Lithuanian delegation, if they feel it is an advantage to have the single act where only person is present at stage. The Head of Delegation Jonas Vilimas said that it might be an advantage to have this uniqueness, but he simply really believes "in this wonderful song"

The only 16-year old Olta Boka of Albania was next on stage, and she seemed much more confident and comfortable today than at last rehearsal. Olta's ballad Zemrën E Lamë Peng is about love, and the Albanian singer presents this very well. Olta is very good at working with the camera, bringing intensity and emotion to the stage. Olta Boka wore her outfit for the second Semi-Final on 22th of May: black pants with a black cape attached to it, a tight black jacket with a large collar. The collar, her sleaves and parts of the cape are decorated with a white-black pattern. The LED screen in the background was resembling the zooming-in on a huge warm-coloured heart. After the successful second rehearsal, Olta Boka appeard in the press centre at the Sava Center in order to answer for questions. The Albanian delegation expressed great satisfaction with today's rehearsal. Olta also explained that she today was much more confident, and Head of Press Arian Dodbiba said that in the first rehearsal, she simply was a bit tired. During the press conference, Olta sang the chorus of Zemrën E Lamë Peng. 

The heartbreaker from Switzerland, Paolo Meneguzzi, thinks that the ideal way of getting many points in this year's Eurovision Song Contest is to use the Italian language. Clad in a black suit and a black tie, the Swiss was trying to capture especially the women's hearts singing Era Stupendo. Like in his first rehearsal, he is accompanied by four backing singers and a piano-player. Paolo managed to capture all camera angles and looked comfortable on the stage which was blue-lighted for the biggest part of Era Stupendo. Paolo is already extremely successful in Italy and hopes to crossover to other European markets with a good placing in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. In his press conference - the last one for today - Paolo Meneguzzi explained that the winner of the 1990 Eurovision Song Contest was like a mentor for him. Paolo also revealed that he sang many songs in Spanish and that a lot of them were released in South America. At the end, the Swiss treated the journalists with a trilingual acapella version of his San Remo entry from this year, Musica


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