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The Final's first dress rehearsal!

28 May 2010 at 19:47 CEST

The first dress rehearsal of the Grand Final has begun at the Telenor Arena with an audience of enthusiastic media folk sitting close to the stage. 

Opening Sequence

The opening credits start off with a quick timeline of the Eurovision Song Contest starting with Lugano in 1956 and running up to today's competition in Oslo. This differs quite significantly from the Semi Finals.

A grand entrance to the hall is made where a sequence of webcam greetings are made. Then of course Alexander Rybak enters the stage and performs his 2009 winning song Fairytale together with a much enlarged version of the dancing group, Frikar. 

The presenters then come on stage and welcome the viewers before explaining the voting process and making way for the first act.

1. Azerbaijan

Safura enters the stage and performs her song, Drip Drop after being drawn to perform first after last night's Semi Final. Her performance went well and received a good reception in the hall. 

2. Spain

Daniel Diges now enters the stage to perform his song Algo Pequeñito. As one of the pre-qualified countries, this is the first time he has performed in front of a sizeable crowd on the stage in Oslo. His performance went down incredibly well with the audience of journalists and fans and vocally was very strong throughout the song. 

3. Norway

Now it's time for the host country to grace the stage with Didrik Solli-Tangen performing My Heart Is Yours. Understandably he received a good reception before going on stage by the crew and audience. The performance was vocally very strong and visually corresponds to the previous rehearsals. The song was accompanied by pyrotechnics and received a massive applause at the end.

4. Moldova

Fresh from qualifying at the first Semi-Final, Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira entered the stage to perform their song Run Away. The group made a similar impact to Tuesday, with the same enthusiastic performance and good vocals. 

5. Cyprus

Next up is the popular Jon Lillygreen & The Islanders who dressed in the same outfits from last night are warmly welcomed onto the stage where they gave a good performance of their song, Life Looks Better In Spring. They have a cult following here in Oslo, most of which seemed to be in the hall to cheer the group on!

6. Bosnia & Herzegovina 

Wearing an impressive red jacket and walking onto a dark stage, which reminds you of a rock concert, Vukašin Brajić performs his song Thunder & Lightning.  As always he gave a good vocal rendition that went down well in the arena. 

7. Belgium

Now it's Tom Dice's turn to take the stage and he wows the audience with a perfect performance of Me And My Guitar, which qualified from the first Semi-Final. His performance is simple, yet at the same time incredibly powerful and midway through he gets an encouraging cheer from the audience. 

8. Serbia

Milan Stankovic is up next with Ovo Je Balkan. He starts on stage with his impressive stage props, seen in the first Semi-Final on Tuesday. Wearing the same blue and sparkly jacket, he gives a confident performance to the enjoyment of the journalists and fans in the hall. 

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9. Belarus

Following on from Serbia, 3+2 from Belarus enter the stage to perform Butterflies. Wearing semi-formal wear, maroon drapes and sparkling red lights accentuate their performance. Vocally, they give a confident performance very similar to the Semi-Final. 

10. Ireland

Receiving the biggest response so far when entering the stage, Ireland's Niamh Kavanagh performs her song, It's For You. Her vocals are powerful and during any break in the lyrics, she gets a rapturous cheer from the crowd. She is again wearing her impressive long purple dress with a soulful performance. 

11. Greece 

Powering onto the stage, Giorgos Alkaios & Friends give a sound performance of their enthno-pop song Opa, which the audience clap along to all the way through. The stage show here is very similar to the second Semi-Final, from which they qualified. The pyrotechnics erupting from the drums go down a treat towards the end of the song.

12. United Kingdom

The UK's Josh Dubovie enthusiastically enters the stage with his chorus of backing singers and dancers. His rendition of That Sounds Good To Me achieves a good response from the crowd, who clap and dance along to the beat of this modern pop song. The clothes here also impress with the backing singers' white veils floating behind them. 

13. Georgia

Next up is Sofia Nizharadze with her song Shine, which gives the competition a more elegant touch with a red theme dominating her performance. Her vocals are very strong, a theme that continues throughout the length of the song. The semi-complex  dance moves and pyrotechnics also give a bit of oomph here. 

14. Turkey

maNga and their song We Could be The Same are the next act to jump onto the stage in Oslo, this time making a big impact with their rock/pop song. Flashing lights light up the stage with its black backdrop. Giving a great and powerful performance, the band really confirm their position as Turkey's foremost rock band. 

15. Albania

Julia Pasha enters the stage to bring a bit of funkiness to the hall with flashing purple and white lights giving a boost to her song, It's All About You. Her vocals are once again flawless and there is a lot of focus on her black and silver trouser-jacket set, giving a divaesque feel to the performance. 

16. Iceland

Speaking of divas, another one from Iceland now floats onto the stage. Hera Björk and her song Je Ne Sais Quoi get a massive reception in the hall when the spotlight gives a powerful start to her performance. Her vocals are excellent and her stage presence is second to none. The glistening lights once again accentuate the song, reminding us of flashing camera lights otherwise seen on the red carpet. 

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17. Ukraine

Alyosha and her song Sweet People makes a soulful impression on the stage with a wind-swept and powerful performance. There are no noticeable problems with the vocals and her rendition of the song is reminiscent of pop acts such as Avril Lavigne. 

18. France

So close to the FIFA World Cup it's about time we had a bit of football fever in the hall and it comes in the form of Jessy Matador with his anthem Allez Olla Olé. The performance is confident and full of pyrotechnics, flashing lights and a chorus that sticks in your head. From the outfits of the backing singers you could be forgiven for thinking that there is a sailor theme going on!

19. Romania

Pyrotechnics seem to be a running theme and when Paula Seling & Ovi come onto the stage to perform Playing With Fire that's exactly what they do with the hall heating up with every flame thrown from the stage. The performance is very strong and the vocals flawless, which is no mean feat considering the high ranges in this song. 

20. Russia

Peter Nalitch & Friends provide a somewhat different ambience with their song Lost And Forgotten bringing melancholy and reflection to the Eurovision Song Contest Stage in Oslo. The fake snowflakes and good vocals go down a storm in the hall, where a number of Russian journalists had gathered to cheer on their song. 

21. Armenia

Eva Rivas and her song Apricot Stone provided some visual stimulation for the crowds in the arena, with an animated apricot stone and waterfall on the stage. Her vocals were very strong and she was well received by the crowd of journalists and fans in the hall. 

22. Germany

Overnight sensation Lena from Germany graced the stage with her alternative stylings and the song Satellite. Her German/English accent and simple performance helped to catch the attention of the crowd and with any luck the audience at home tomorrow night. 

23. Portugal 

Filipa Azevedo emerged from the more uptempo songs to perform her power ballad, Há Dias Assim in a sea of purple shades. Her vocals were strong and she managed to sustain the high notes, which were well received in the hall.

24. Israel 

Another power ballad, very different in nature is the penultimate act to enter the stage. Harel Skaat and his song Millim goes down well in the hall and like Filipa he manages to sustain the high notes without a problem, having a smile on his face in the process. The ambience of the stage also continues to help lift the song like in the second Semi-Final

25. Denmark

Chanée & N'evergreen are the final act to perform with their schlageresque pop song, In A Moment Like This. This song provides everything a Eurovision Song Contest Song needs:  the wind machine, the glamour and the large prop. It went down well in the hall and creates a spectacular finish to this marathon of 25 songs. 

Interval Act

This year the interval act is very different, encompassing the whole of Europe. For months dancers and mere mortals from all over this fair continent of ours have been practicing the Flash Mob Dance, a simple set of moves that get the audience in the hall and at home to Share The Moment!