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The Eurovision fans support ...

22 May 2012 at 19:15 CEST

"I’m supporting Romania. Mandinga has such a great song", said one Azerbaijani journalist. Some volunteers who are working at the pigeon holes said us that they like Hungary, Montenegro and Cyprus. The fans who came from Georgia are supporting Austria, Russia, Greece and Cyprus in tonight’s show.

During the Third Dress Rehearsal, when the Russian entry was being performed, some Russian flags were waved in the press center. met some Australian fans who have been living in Estonia: "We are supporting Iceland and Finland tonight", they said.

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The Irish fans came to the arena with the card Jedheads. We met some Ukrainians who are supporting Russia, Ireland, Albania, Iceland and Moldova. The Russian fans told us that they are very excited about the show and they already fell in love with the city of Baku and its citizens: "Baku is beautiful and people are friendly and helpful".

Some Spanish journalists couldn't agree on which Semi-Final they preferred: "I prefer the this to the second one. Denmark and Belgium could be a nice surprise... sometimes less is more" while another one said: "The musical output is better in the second one but I'm sure the Spanish voters tonight will notice that the Romanian song is sung in our language and will give it high points".

Is that all they want to know from tonight's outcome? "and we’re also interested in knowing if any of the 10 qualifiers tonight will get spot number 18 in the final... right before Spain!"