Eurovision Song Contest Trophy 2019
Eurovision Song Contest Trophy 2019 Photo: Thomas Hanses

The Eurovision 2019 trophy to be won tonight

From the thousands of artists that submitted songs to the 41 competing delegations, just 26 remain in the running to win the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. Tonight, after the results of the expert juries and televotes from those countries have been announced, one victorious act will claim the 2019 Eurovision trophy.

Once upon a time, the host broadcaster would commission a trophy to award the winning singer, songwriters and composers of the Eurovision Song Contest. That all changed in 2008 when Swedish glass artist and designer Kjell Engman (born 1946) was commissioned to create a new trophy. The iconic Eurovision microphone, featuring the flag of the previous winning country and location of the annual event are inscribed, show the year and location of the winning recipient's victory forevermore.

The unique hand-made piece of art in the shape of a classic microphone is made of solid transparent glass with sand-blasted and painted detailing. A smaller version of the trophy is awarded to the winning songwriters, composers.

READ MORE: Find out more about the iconic Eurovision Song Contest winner's trophy here.

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