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The EuroClub: Official party venue opened its doors

06 May 2009 at 19:56 CEST

The traditional party and meetings venue for contestants, journalists and accredited Eurovision Song Contest fans is now open. On Tuesday, the organisers of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest let the curtain fall for this years party hotspot – the EuroClub.

Eurovision Stars In Moscow

There are differences from the clubs of the previous years. This time, the official name of the venue is Eurodom, meaning “Eurohome” in Russian. The music will be provided by Russian DJ's and bands, together with DJ's famous in the Eurovision Song Contest scene. This is believed to make the music less centered on Eurovision Song Contest songs.

On the 10th of May, the EuroClub will become a venue for a concert titled Eurovision Stars In Moscow. This event will feature winners and legendary participants of previous Eurovision Song Contests, such as the band Dschinghis Khan (Germany), Ruslana (Ukraine, 2004 winner), Marija Šerifović (Serbia, 2007 winner) and Dima Bilan (Russia, 2008 winner). Lys Assia (Switzerland), the legendary winner of the very first Eurovision, will open this star parade. She will sing the same song which brought her a victory in 1956.

"Part of the European family"

The EuroClub will also host numerous theme parties, where the guests are promised a first-hand experience of Russian urban culture, with an emphasis on modern art. Alexander Barannikov holds the title of Executive Secretary of the Eurovision Committee under the Government. Barannikov states the intention of the EuroClub and the Russian hosting:

“This time, unlike last year, we don’t feel such pressure to win. Our task now is to make sure that all of our guests feel happy here and would want to come back to Russia again and again. We will try to show that Russia is a part of the European family.”

Philipp Kirkorov, composer of several entries in the contest and performer for Russia in 1995, spoke at the opening ceremony of the EuroClub.

“The Eurovision Song Contest is now an entry in the Guiness book of Records as the most wide-scale show after the Olympics,” Kirkorov said. “In fact, these are the music industry’s Olympic games. And everyone should hope to win, because everyone deserves a victory!”