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The echoes of Anggun

Before the Final, there are still three dress rehearsals to go, and the first of these was due to start within minutes of the French press conference. So unfortunately the conference had to be curtailed to just a few statements and a couple of questions.

Anggun commented that she was really excited to be finally here in Baku for the Eurovision Song Contest, as for the past six months she has had to wake up every day with the thought of Eurovision in her mind, and now it is has arrived.

Her only regret is that she only has three minutes on the huge stage in the Crystal Hall, with the great sound and lighting, that it was almost not fair that she couldn't spend longer on stage.

In the Semi-Finals there have been short extracts of the videos of the automatic finalists, and the French clip had shown two men kissing, albeit wearing gas masks, and whether there had been a message behind this image? Anggun replied with a definite 'No', although she commented that the men in her videos, and indeed on stage, didn't like wearing clothes. If there was a message it was of tolerance to everyone.


That sentiment was expressed in her answer to the next question, which was related to her impressions of Baku, and  on the human rights issues.

Anggun gave a very positive answer, as she had been asked the same question in lots of interviews. She was aware that Azerbaijan is still a very young country, as it is only about 20 years since the independence from the USSR. She also pointe dout that Azerbaijan was the evry first Muslim country to give the vote to women, and that was back in 1918. It wasn't a perfect country, but then she challenged anyone to name a country that is perfect. A lot still needs to be done, but to give them time.

Time was something Anggun didn't have as she then had to rush off for the first dress rehearsal of the Final.


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