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The Croatian Klapa presents their song

The aim of the Croatian members of Super Klapa is not only to show their traditional authentic sound but also to represent their music as a modern element of their culture and to sing it in more European way. Last week, the song has been recorded in the BigStudio in Bologna, Italy, where it has got a new and more powerful sound.

The Italian producer Luca Bignardi who worked with such famous singers as Eros Ramazzotti, Laura Pausini and Andrea Bocelli, made a final version of Mižerja. The producer of Mižerja, Nikša Bratoš, was very happy with the sound of his composition for Malmö: “We've got that big sound, the sound of powerful orchestra and the most important – powerful vocals.” Tomorrow morning, the Super Klapa will represent their song in the studio of HRT. Listen to Mižerja together with us on our Web TV at 10:00 CET.

Meet the members of Super Klapa who will sing on stage in Malmö:

•    Marko Škugor, from klapa Kampanel (first tenor)
•    Ante Galić, from klapa Sinj (second tenor)
•    Nikša Antica, from klapa Kampanel (first baritone)
•    Leon Bataljaku, from klapa Crikvenica (second baritone)
•    Ivica Vlaić, from klapa Sebenico (bass)
•    Bojan Kavedžija, from klapa Grdelin (bass)

Marko Škugor (first tenor)

Marko is a member of klapa Kampanel. He was born on 25 October 1989. His biggest love is music, especially opera. Marko takes classes of opera singing and believes in his future opera career. Marko used to listen to Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Azra, but nowadays he only listens to opera and klapa songs. His favourite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and he has a girlfriend.

Ante Galić (second tenor)

Ante was born on 3 September 1987 in Split. He is a footballer from Split who replaced a football with a microphone. He didn't plan to sing. He was discovered by a singer of klapa Cambi. The next step was klapa Sinj, since he lives in Turjaci near Sinj. His dream is to have a solo career and he looks forward for every performance.

Nikša Antica (first baritone)

Nikša graduated from the Faculty of Law in Split and works in his profession. His singing career started in the ensemble Srdelice when he was three years old. He was born in Split, but lives in Karlovac with his wife and daughter, works in Zagreb, but he sings all over the world! One of Nikša's biggest wishes is to perform on the stage of Cankarjev dom (Cankar Hall) in Ljubljana.

Leon Bataljaku (second baritone)

Leon Bataljaku was born in Zadar on 13 June 1980. He finished elementary music school, the piano department. Leon's singing career started in the high school. The artist can't get over the fact that the members of his beloved klapa Crikvenica decided to disband the klapa.

Ivica Vlaić (bass)

Ivica Vlaić was born on 12 July 1979 in Šibenik. Ivica is naval officer by profession who protects the Croatian boundaries on the Adriatic Sea. His klapa singing career started in 2000 spontaneously. In 2005 Ivica was a member of klapa Cambi from Split, and from 2007 until 2009 he was a member of klapa Fortica. Today he sings in klapa Sebenico. Ivica loves to sing but he considers it as a hobby.

Bojan Kavedžija (bass)

Bojan Kavedžija was born on 14 June 1973 in Zagreb. He works in the National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia „Lado“ and he is the only one from the Klapa who has some experience in the Eurovision Song Contest. He danced with Severina in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest.Boyan sings in the klapa Grdelin.

How to find out more

You can get to know more about the klapa music in our special feature we released before:

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Croatia will participate in the first half of the First Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Tuesday May 14th.