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Bilal Hassani (France 2019) & Émilie Satt (Madame Monsieur, France 2018)
Bilal Hassani (France 2019) & Émilie Satt (Madame Monsieur, France 2018)
Photo: EBU

The creation of 'Roi' - Bilal Hassani and Émilie Satt talk music making

The French delegation has more than a little Eurovision Song Contest experience on their side this year. Bilal Hassani co-wrote his entry 'Roi' with Émilie Satt and Jean-Karl Lucas, better known as Madame Monsieur. The duo sang for France last year, and Émilie has returned to Eurovision this year as a backing singer for Bilal.

Émilie Satt and Bilal Hassani discuss how they met last September and have created his first album together. In the interview, they share how Roi was written late at night one evening; the song came together really quickly because they were so inspired. Since then, they've gone on to create Bilal's first album together. In an exclusive interview, they discuss how to write music and where their inspiration comes from. Bilal explains why the lyrics of Roi means so much to him.

Bilal Hassani representing France with Roi, arriving at the Orange Carpet. (© Andres Putting)

Madame Monsieur have also released their first album after competing in last year's Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon where they finished in 13th place with Mercy. Since that time, they have also toured France.

Watch the interview with Bilal Hassani and Émilie Satt:

Bilal Hassani represents France at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. He performs 21st in the running order.

Can Bilal win the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest for France? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Bilal Hassani

Bilal Hassani