The countdown starts in Spain

TVE, has issued a new press release with more information on the upcoming choice of their entry for Oslo. The countdown begins precisely on Friday 4th of December at 12:00 when artists can begin to send their proposals to TVE's website. It is not only for new artists; professional artists can also enter the competition. 


In January the submission of songs ends, and at that moment TVE will make the profiles of each artist with their song, picture and video available on the website for everyone to choose their favourite for three weeks.

Any valid e-mail account will be able to give up to five votes per day and all votes will be checked by the broadcaster, which retains the right to deduct invalid votes and to disqualify any entry that's not fulfilling the rules. All entries will compete in the same voting and not in different categories, as it was the case in their 2009 internet selection.

This will be the fourth year in a row that TVE uses an internet selection to determine their song for Europe's favourite TV-show. On the past three occasions it produced popular entries but Spain was not very succesful in the contest, failing to reach the Top 15 of the final ranking. In the hope that this will change in 2010 they urge for good artists to send their best material!

Spain's previous entry, La Noche Es Para Mi, performed by Soraya Arnelas placed 23rd in the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009.

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