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The Belarusian heroes enter the stage

18 May 2012 at 18:06 CEST met Litesound backstage, and we had a long chat with them. They confirmed that they would wear the same outfits as in today's rehearsal also on the Semi-Final night, as they admitted they love motorcycle outfits: "We wanted to look like bike riders", they said.

One of the singers of the band, Jacopo Massa, is actually from Italy, so we had a multilingual talk in English, Italian, and Russian backstage before they went on the stage in the Baku Crystal Hall.

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On stage, they again delivered a secure performance that came across very well on the screens, and they left a vocally confident impression with the press audience.

Again, they performed in their black biker outfits, with chains and straps attached, and the whole stage setting was dark to fit their image. During one part of the song, the Belarusian band used a special effect that made them look as if they'd fallen over!

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"We still can't stop enjoying dancing", one band member stated about their second rehearsal in today's press conference. "It's great when you can feel the energy", the lead singer of Litesound added. The band then presented an accappella version of We Are The Heroes for the press.

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"We are enjoying the sun here in Baku, we are always partying. We're having a great time", they described their time in the Azerbaijani capital. "We are hoping for points from Italy", they commented on the fact that there is an Italian musician in the band. "...of course only because they like our song", they quickly added.

Litesound also confirmed that they would definitely stay together as a band. "We are the most popular rock band in Belarus now. Together we are strong, and we are taking the next step now", they added.

"We already got messages that today's outfit looked better, so I will leave out the net shirt", the lead singer explained. "Now everything is the way we wanted it", Litesound stated about their successful second rehearsal.