The artist's final preparations backstage

Sinéad Mulvey, lead vocalist, Ireland (starting as number 2)
“We are happy with our energy levels on the rehearsals, I think that you need to keep your energy high for the Eurovision Song Contest. I need a happy mood when we step on stage. You need to think that you're a different character on stage. When stepping on stage, I'm a different person.”

Marko Kon, lead vocalist, Serbia (4)
“I have worked as a composer and producer for fifteen years. Last year, I was a producer in the Montenegro delegation. So I know what to expect – I'm not nervous in my head, but I still feel it in my bones, that's something you can't control. But we are a funny gathering in our group – we are laughing all the time – so it's easy to get into the right mood for our show.”

Christina Metaxa, Cyprus (7)
“Right now, I try to save the voice and not stand in windy places. Before I go up to the stage, my heart starts to beat faster, so I try to concentrate and control the stress. I watched the show of the first Semi-Final, and I think that the selection was fair. I hope that all will go that well with the show in my Semi-Final.”

Brinck, Denmark (9)
“I learned a big lesson at the first dress rehearsal for the Semi-Final. We were absolutely in the last minute with all our preparations, so we had to rush to the stage. One button was loose, one of my in-ears was not in. We will have to do our bonding like thirty minutes before instead. We are preparing by playing a few songs together – we are musicians.”

Quartissimo Feat. Martina, Slovenia (10)
Martina: “On the first dress rehearsal, we had a problem with the paper frames. We tried to tear the paper frames, but they would not go, so I had to break mine with my foot, and I cannot sing when I do that. When we prepare, the most important thing for me is to shut up and save the voice.” Quartissimo: “We are playing all the stuff from the Eurovision Song Contest that we can remember, so that we just have fun when we go up together.”

Zoli Ádok, Hungary (11)
“My show includes so much dancing, so I need to stay in good shape. I run every day, and it's important to stretch and warm up – to keep moving. Afterwards, I'm still in it and full of energy.”

AySel, Azerbaijan (12)
“I think it was only after the first dress rehearsal that I realised that it's so close now! My earring fell down during the performance on rehearsal, but I found it when I was about to leave the stage. Otherwise, everything goes very well.”

Nelly Ciobanu, Moldova (15)
“I like to perform in a new stage in a new costume. The one that I wear is especially prepared for this contest. I don't know what I'm going to think when I'm walking up to the stage on the big night. It will be a surprise.”

Svetlana Loboda, Ukraine (17)
“In the dress rehearsal, the head microphone slipped, but that will not turn us from the right way. The most important preparation is to sleep well, that's what a woman need. I haven't allowed myself to sleep long for the last three months, but for the broadcast I've finally had a good night's sleep. Just before we to to the stage, the team prepare by counting to seventeen. That's our starting position in the running order. And then we breath out and go to the stage.”

Gordon Heuckeroth from The Toppers, The Netherlands (19)
“For us, a few of the rehearsals have been quite bad. My sound was not open in the hall, and the sound in my ears was completely horrible. It was a complete change of settings, and this is the second time that it happens for us. But they're solving it now, and the people here are very helpful and cooperative. We are just as cheerful as in the press conferences among each others, you don't want to know. But it's very important to not only joke about others – you also need to joke about yourself. Looking around me in Russia, I they can use a little shine. To be positive and smile. That is what we try to bring across as a message.”

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