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The 2015 Eurovision Song Contest Trophy
The 2015 Eurovision Song Contest Trophy
Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)

The 2016 Eurovision Song Contest Trophy

Every year the winning artist and the composer(s) in the Eurovision Song Contest receive a trophy to commemorate their achievement. Since 2008 the EBU have had a permament official trophy for the winners, a hand made piece of art in the shape of a classic microphone. It will awarded for the ninth time in Europe's Favourite Tv Show.

The 2016 trophy

The trophy was designed by Kjell Engman of Kosta Boda, who has worked in glass art for over thirty years. Recently he has focused on art glass and his creations can be found in exhibitions around the world.
The Eurovision Song Contest trophy is made from solid transparent glass with sand blasted and painted detailing in the design of a classic microphone, which gives a wonderful sense of nostalgia.
There is a slight variation in the trophy each year, as each time it is embossed with the name of the host city, and the national flag of the host country features within the traditional heart shaped part of the logo.
Today took the opportunity to take some close-up pictures of it. We can assure everyone that we took very good care of it and that we handed it back in its  own special box still in one piece!
The current design of the trophy was first presented in the 2008 contest in Belgrade.

Breakages in the past

In 2009 Alexander Rybak managed to break his trophy minutes after receiving it when he was too forceful when he placed it down on stage.

In 2013, the trophy of Emmelie de Forest was loaned to the National Museum in Denmark, and they must have been horrified when they opened the box to discover the glass trophy was broken in two places. Fortunately there was no better place for it to be repaired, by the conservation experts who expertly glued it back together.

Who do you think will be taking the 2016 trophy home?