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The 14 qualifiers for the Maltese Final

The show was presented by Daniel Chircop and Lyona Xuereb Gatt. The programme was opened by all tonight's artists performing the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest #Together (Theme Song). This was followed by Federica Falzon, with her song Diamonds that finished in fourth place in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

The songs were presented in the following order, with the fourteen that have the distinction of making it through to the final highlighted in bold. The decision was reached by a combination of five judges, and televoting made up a further sixth of the total votes.

The Participants

1. Home  sung by Lyndsay. Composed by Boris Cezek

2. Could Have Been Me sung by Iona Dalli. Composed by Philip Vella

3. Still Here sung by Franklin. Composed by Alexander Rybak

4. Rush sung by Christabelle. Composed by Elton Zarb and Muxu

5. Fandango sung by Jessika. Composed by Philip Vella and Gerard James Borg

6. Closed Doors sung by Chris Grech. Composed by Edward Mifsud, Peter Borg,David Cassar         Torreggiani and Chris Grech

7. 12, Baker Street sung by Karen DeBattista. Composed by Jan van Dijck and Emil Calleja Bayliss

8. Something in the Way sung by Daniel Testa. Composed by Mans Ek and Charlie Mason.

9. Breakaway sung by Glen Vella. Composed by Kevin Borg and Simon Gribbe.

10. Stop Haunting Me sung by Raquel. Composed by Elton Zarb and Muxu.

11. Take Me As I Am sung by Domenique. Composed by Aidan O'Connor, Sara Biglert, Christian Schneider and Madeleine Jangklev.

12. The One That You Love sung by Lawrence Gray. Composed by Elton Zarb and Laurence Gray.

13. It’s OK sung by Deborah C. Composed by Elton Zarb and Muxu.

14. Close Your Eyes sung by Danica Muscat. Composed by Emil Calleja Bayliss and Danica Muscat.

15. Secretly sung by Corazon. Composed by Corazon Mizzi.

16. Beautiful to Me sung by L-Aħwa. Composed by Erik Anjou.

17. Warrior sung by Amber. Composed by Elton Zarb and Muxu.

18. Chasing a Dream sung by Trilogy. Composed by Joe Julian Farrugia and Paul Abela.

19. Once In a While sung by Dominic. Composed by Elton Zarb and Rita Pace.

20. Love And Let Go sung by Ekklesia Sisters. Composed by Philip Vella.

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The Final

The programme to select the entry for Malta in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, will be broadcast live from Malta Shipbuilding in Marsa, Malta on Saturday 22nd of November at 20:45 CET, and you can watch it live on our web player.

In addition to the fourteen competing songs, Conchita Wurst, winner of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest will perform Rise Like A Phoenix to open the show, and later on will perform the song Heroes.

The running order of the final will be mainly producer led, however two positions were drawn at the press conference following tonight's  semi-final, namely who will perform first, which will be Glen Vella, and who will sing in the final position, which will be Daniel Testa.

The Judging

In the live final the winning song will also be determined by the votes of five judges plus televoting. In the event of a tie, the votes of the judges (therefore excluding televoting) will be used to ascertain the order of the tied songs.